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    Music NC | The Buzz   1 day, 20 hours ago · View

    David Gray will be coming to The Red Hat Amphitheater in… – David Gray will be coming to The Red Hat Amphitheater in downtown Raleigh on August 11, and WKNC has tickets for you! Just be the correct caller when the DJ asks for it, and you could win yourself a night of great music. David Gray has been rocking out for over two decades now with successful albums like “White Ladders” and “Life In Slow Motion”. With much critical acclaim, Gray has become known as one of the best singer-songwriters in popular music.
    Recently, David Gray released his new album “Mutineers”, which shows off his gift and experience in making music. There are plenty of great indie/soft rock melodies overlaid by the unmistakable voice of David Gray. Definitely give this album a listen if you haven’t already, OR even better, win some tickets and hear it live! So, Please Forgive Me if I missed anything. Don’t Sail Away to Babylon before you get a chance to win these tickets. If you want to stop hearing these horribly bad puns, then you better stop reading this post and you better start listening for WKNC DJs giving away these tickets!
    For more info on David Gray and his new album Mutineers visit:
    Good Luck! 


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    Music NC | The Buzz   2 days, 8 hours ago · View

    Kurtzweil(top four pictures) kicked off this week’s Local… – Kurtzweil(top four pictures) kicked off this week’s Local Band Local Beer at Tir na Nog with a blast. After being lucky enough to sit in on their in-studio acoustic show, I was pumped to see their pluged-in act. They brought a pounding start to the night with tight instrumentals mixed with a beautiful female vocalist.
    To soothe the mid-hours of the LBLB, The Pinkerton Raid(middle three pictures) stepped on stage. While they had less energy than the other two bands, their melodies were addicting.
    To top of the night, Borrowed Arts(bottom 3 pictures) took it up a notch. I was headbanging and jumping around. The drummer laid down a great beat that drove the rest of the band into a rock frenzy. It lacked lyrics, but made up for it with progression and musical technicality.


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    Music NC | The Buzz   2 days, 19 hours ago · View

    Live: Superchunk rules Night 2 of Merge 25-

    The night had been stacked against Superchunk’s success. Five bands preceded the Merge flagship to the Cat’s Cradle stage on Thursday, creating a rollercoaster of momentum that seemed to dip deep past the point of recovery before Superchunk could even play well after midnight.…
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    Music NC | The Buzz   2 days, 20 hours ago · View

    Fresh outta high school, Astro Cowboy releases Hedonism Colosseum –
    Wilmington indie rockers, Astro Cowboy, released their first full length album last weekend titled Hedonism Colosseum. Complete with a release party at Bourgie Nights in Wilmington on July 12th, the band handed out a hundred free copies of their album and also released it on bandcamp the following day. Hedonism Colosseum explores the feelings, relationships, drama, and juvenile joy of being in high school. As the band writes on their bandcamp page: 

    “Remember when you thought that high school was going to last forever? When you thought that it was the apex of real? Every relationship, decision, and action you made, you thought was going to remain relevant and important for the rest of your life? This album is the result of those feelings.”

    Hedonism Colosseum album art
    The album features 10 brand new, original songs. It includes the heavier, punk influenced songs like “White Shoes” and “Suntan” which share a similar sound with the band’s first EP Rat-Man Vann, but on more than a couple tracks, such as “Inhale” and “Goodbye, A.E.G.” the band takes instrumental explorations with intricate guitar riffs and drum fills that sound reminiscent of Modest Mouse’s The Lonesome Crowded West.  
    All in all this is a very solid record, and my only complaint is that it’s not longer! Clocking in at 40 minutes, the end of this album leaves the listener wanting more. 
    Astro Cowboy follows the release of their album with an East Coast tour supporting fellow Wilmington band, Museum Mouth.


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    Music NC | The Buzz   3 days, 16 hours ago · View

    Live: Beck gets sweaty and does disco in Raleigh-

    Red Hat Amphitheater, Raleigh
    Wednesday, July 23, 2014

    “Reach out into the night/It’s a little too hot/It’s a little too wet/Is everyone wet?”

    Beck was approaching the one-hour mark of his 90-minute show in Raleigh, and the midsummer’s heat, humidity and humanity had congealed into a block, like a Yankee candle made from the essence of armpits and shampoo, beer and pot. (However, to paraphrase “Milk and Honey,” I could not smell VD at Red Hat Amphitheater.)

    With a 20-year discography, Beck could arrange seemingly limitless permutations for an evening’s worth of songs, depending on the setting.…
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